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Before you register as an AIS user you need to read and accept the following terms and conditions. They set out the agreement between you and RMS on the use of the AIS website. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

AIS Online users

Welcome to AIS Online registration.

To become registered as an AIS Online user, agree to the conditions of registering below and follow the instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Authorised Inspection Stations who register with AIS Online will no longer receive posted copies of AIS bulletins or information sheets. An Authorised Inspection Station may only be registered by a proprietor, a proprietor's nominee or an alternate nominee.

Who can become an AIS Online user
You must be one of the following:
- Proprietor
- Proprietor nominee
- Alternate nominee.
- Examiner of an Authorised Inspection Station.

Benefits of AIS Online
AIS Online allows you to:
- Alter Authorised Inspection Station details online without the need to submit a paper application, eg. change address or add an examiner.
- Allow Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) issued publications to be viewed online, eg. Inspector's bulletins.
- Receive AIS updates and information online,

How to create a User ID and PIN
1. If you are an accredited e-Safety Check user, you are already registered as an AIS Online user. Your current User ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) will also be used for AIS Online. Please skip this registration and to go to ACCEPT CONDITIONS & LOGIN button.
2. All other users must enter a User ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you are an examiner, your examiner number is your User ID. If you are not an examiner, then click on CONTACT US and request a user ID.
3. You must then create a PIN.
4. Once you have entered a User ID and PIN, entry to AIS Online is gained by selecting the ACCEPT CONDITIONS & LOGIN button.
5. You must ensure that your User ID and PIN are not used by another person and must notify RMS if you suspect that another person is using your PIN.
6. If you forget your PIN, you must re-register again and create another PIN.

Log off
For security reasons you must log off AIS Online when you leave your computer.

- Registered AIS Online users are responsible for ensuring that the information shown on the maintenance screen is accurate.
- The rules for Authorised Inspection Stations still apply even if you are using AIS Online, eg, proprietors or proprietor's nominees must still ensure that examiners appointed to their Authorised Inspection Stations are provided access to AIS bulletins, information sheets and manuals.
- RMS may suspend or terminate your access to AIS Online at anytime.

Privacy Legislation
Whenever you collect confidential or personal information from customers or employees, eg. name, address, phone number, you must comply with current privacy legislation and advise the customer or employee the purpose it will be used for and that their information will be disclosed to RMS.
In accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, a proprietor, proprietor's nominee or alternate nominee must obtain consent from an examiner before adding or removing an examiner to that station. A proprietor must obtain consent from a nominee or alternate nominee before appointing them to that station. A check box is provided on the maintenance screen to ensure consent is obtained.
Note: Proprietors or their nominees registering for AIS online will result in stations no longer receiving posted copies of publications and bulletins. Personnel will be advised of new publications through AIS online.
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